Samuel Hubbard has a tremendous heritage of shoe-making. We are proud to be working with them as their resoling and refurbishing provider. Resoles/refurbishment are available for ALL Collections and Styles (Work, Un-sneaker and Limited Edition) with original factory Vibram sole.

We will polish/refurbish your shoes and supply you with a new pair of laces.

Samuel Hubbard Resole

Color of Sole you would like:

    We can now add DAVOS ICE soles to the following Dress shoes! Please note that the Davos ice sole only comes in Black.  

    • 24 Seven 2.0
    • Royal Scot
    • Ivy Legend
    • Highlander
    • Founder
    • Tipping Point
    • City Legend
    • Frequent Traveler
    • Re-boot
    • Market Cap


    We are not set up to do the following style shoes at this time:



    • Early Morning Golf
    • Snow Lodge 2.0
    • Blue Skies
    • Open Road
    • Great Strides 
    • New Endeavor 
    • First Up 



    • Tailored Traveler
    • All Aboard
    • Winged Traveler
    • Tasseled Traveler 
    • Shear Alpine 
    • City Zipper 


    We apologize for the inconvience! 

Resole Patrol

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Rocky Point

NC 28457