Personal Information we collect

  • Consumer Name

  • Contact information (such as email address, phone number, and mailing address)

  • Order and payment information

  • Brand of shoe/boot sent for resoling


How and which Services are used

  • Information provided to us through means such as social media or when you contact us through our website.


Use of Cookies


We do not use cookies


How we use Personal Information


  • Facilitate the processing of payment transactions

  • Respond to requests and inquiries


How we share Personal Information

Resole Patrol does not share the personal information of customers 

Refund/Return Policy

Resole Patrol guarantee our work for 6 months; if you have a problem with the resole within this period, we'll first ask for a few pics of the shoe or boot; if there's a clear problem, we'll provide a shipping label so you can send it back for review and repair.  If it's our fault, we'll fix it and return; if we feel the problem has to do with excessive wear, we'll call you to try and work something out.  We want to keep customers, not lose them.

Resole Patrol

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