First of all, we're not retiring; we still have some stuff to do.
After 6 years as Hubbard's (SHSC) Resoler, we'll be stepping away from the Resole Program, primarily because we couldn't reach an agreement on a few things.
As we have lots of inventory left over, we will continue resoling on a case by case basis.  PLEASE SEND THE SIZE OF YOUR SHOES AND THE COLOR OF THE SOLES TO, AND I'LL LET YOU KNOW IF WE HAVE THEM.
But as our final effort, we'll be introducing our own brand. It's more than ridiculous...
Stay tuned, thanks for the biz,

A slight change in the payment format:

We're only accepting checks to Resole Patrol. 


TO PLACE YOUR ORDER, please download the order form from our site, print it out and fill it out with your information. 

Mail your order form, shoes and check to the address on the form.


Pricing is below:

East of MS River: $90 + $10 return shipping= $100

West of MS River: $90 + $15 return shipping= $105

We'll return the shoes via USPS Priority Mail, and suggest you consider the same method for shipping to us-- it's the best value in most cases.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us! For Lift services, please email us!

Thank you!

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Nomadic State Of Mind

After 19 years...A special edition

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