Resole Patrol

1830 Carver Dr.

Rocky Point

NC 28457


Samuel Hubbard has a tremendous heritage of shoe-making. We are proud to be working with them as their resoling and refurbishing provider. Resoles/refurbishment are available for ALL Collections and Styles (Work, Un-sneaker and Limited Edition) with original factory Vibram sole.

We will polish/refurbish your shoes and supply you with a new pair of laces.

Please select the sole color you wish us to use. If you would like the original sole color, please select the first dot/option in the color options listed above. 


Once you have placed your order, please send your shoes to the address below along with a copy of your order!

(Client is responsible for cost of shipping shoes to Resole Patrol - Price includes return shipping.)


Resole Patrol

1830 Carver Dr

Rocky Point NC 28457


Once we recieve your shoes we will send you an email with the current lead time.  

(For new insoles, please order through Samuel Hubbard's website.)

Thank You!

Samuel Hubbard Resole

SKU: 21354654
Color of Sole you would like:

    We can now add DAVOS ICE soles to the following Dress shoes! Please note that the Davos ice sole only comes in Black.  

    • 24 Seven 2.0
    • Royal Scot
    • Ivy Legend
    • Highlander
    • Founder
    • Tipping Point
    • City Legend
    • Frequent Traveler
    • Re-boot
    • Market Cap


    We are not set up to do the following style shoes at this time:



    • Early Morning Golf
    • Snow Lodge 2.0
    • Blue Skies
    • Open Road
    • Great Strides 
    • New Endeavor 
    • First Up 



    • Tailored Traveler
    • All Aboard
    • Winged Traveler
    • Tasseled Traveler 
    • Shear Alpine 
    • City Zipper 


    We apologize for the inconvience!