Resole Patrol

1830 Carver Dr.

Rocky Point

NC 28457




From our friends from Samuel Hubbard:

"Our friends at Resole Patrol are retiring, therefore resoling is not available at this time. Rest assured, we are working on a new resole partnership that we hope to have available very soon! We expect to resume the same excellent resoling services our customers have come to expect within the next four to six weeks. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Team at 844.482.4800. Thank you for your patience and understanding."


From Resole Patrol 3/9/20:

All orders received this week (and any existing work in the facility) will be completed within 7-10 days.  We will receive our final shipment of soles early this week, enabling us to complete all the shoes that remain.  After that, you can get updates from Samuel Hubbard CS.

We're not retiring,  we're re-firing!  Almost 50 years in the shoe biz, coming out with our own brand.  The whole thing is going to be, for lack of a better word.....hybridiculous.  

Stay tuned!

Our Story 

How We Got Started

We started resoling tennis shoes in Rory's kitchen, 1972. That led to a career that involved representing Asics/Brooks/Lotto, product development, event marketing, retailing, a shoe bus...and resoling. Always resoling. Over the years, we've seen more than a million pairs come through our doors, and even though the door is a little smaller now, we still share the passion with our brand partners.


We've made the decision to focus on providing an elite level of service to just a few brands who realize the value of product maintenance. Please support these brands who clearly care for you after the sale.